National Federation of Progressive Co-operators

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At 11.00am

The meeting will be held on Zoom

To access the Zoom link for the AGM meeting 

contact Simon on

before Friday 18th June to receive the Zoom Link

Agenda and Minutes are below:-


1    Apologies for absence

2.   Notes of the previous AGM, 16th June, 2019(to be tabled)

3.   Matters arising not elsewhere on the Agenda

4.   Officers' Reports

5.   Financial Report, Auditor's Report and Adoption of Accounts

6.   Elections:

Nomination for all positions will be held open until 5.00pm on Friday the 9thJuly to allow nominations from members who did not attend the AGM.  In the event of there being more than one candidate a postal election will be held.


      - Chair                       - Treasurer                            - Press Officer

      - Vice-Chairs (2)      -  Membership Secretary   - e Newsletter Editor

      - Secretaries (2) [Meetings 1/ Minutes 1]         -  Website Manager

      - Other Members of Executive Committee (Regional  Key Persons) -


7.     Election of Auditor(s)


8.     Motions, Constitution Amendments and Emergency Motions.

       These must be submitted by 5.00pm on Friday 18th June 2021 to


9.    NFPC subscriptions for 2021. No increased proposed


10.   Future activities and role of the NFPC?  Items 10 and 11 may be expanded on/ or taken in the Q&A session/debate after the AGM.

11.  Any other AGM business.

12.  Date for AGM in 2022.

Marilynne  Burbage,  Secretary   Queries by email to

Minutes of the last AGM in 2019:-

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the National Federation of Progressive Co-operators held on Saturday 15th June 2019

Present; James Allie, Bhagwanji Chohan, Simon Crew, Dan Crowe, Stefan Duk, Dereen Duley, Ted Duley, Mary Fee, Tony Firmin, Clive Fraser, John Harrington, Mike Hedgethorne, Ray Henderson, Munir Malik, Thomas Newens, Stan Newens, Beryl Ottino, Peter Ottino, Trupti Sangani, Kathryn Smith, Glyn Thomas, Andrew Wade, June White and Marilynne Burbage. Apologies were received from Colin Bastin, Roger Berry, John Courtneidge, Peter Davis, Charlie Fairbank, Geoff Freeman, Ann Hayes, Ivan Ivanovic, Paul Kimber, Ian Laidlaw-Dickson, Maureen Loman, Tom Maddison, Colin D.J.Mills, Portia Msimang, Jean Nunn-Price, Alf Ott, Peter Slowe, Derek Smyth, Martin Strube, Caroline Tendler, Tony Thorpe, Phil Turner and Len Wardle.

Minutes of the previous AGM were unavailable. Simon Crew was agreed as minute taker for the meeting.

Officers Reports Chair Tony Thorpe sent his apologies but his report was in the latest E Newsletter, Marilynne highlighted the fringe meeting at the Co-operative Party Conference in Bristol where there was a strong debate on expanding the movement and our February meeting on “Where has all the money gone?” 

Marilynne reported she had been trying to get other speakers for our meetings suggestions included Barry Sheerman, Co-op Party Assembly Members, Co-op Group NMC members or main board members. 

Magazine Editor John reported the latest edition was emailed out and encouraged articles from members. Around 10 emails had bounced back and 10 members did not have emails – Ray will send paper copies to them. 

Membership – There have been some new members, Dereen was thanked for doing a great job chasing subscriptions.

Financial report, Auditor’s Report & Adoption of Accounts Ray presented the audited financial report. He explained issues with the website. Members discussed using our money to kick-start Co-operation, it was agreed that the fringe meeting at the Co-operative Party Conference is a good use of resources. Other suggestions included events in Co-ops Fortnight, Events with speakers and community events. Members unanimously agreed to adopt the accounts. 

Members also agreed a vote of thanks to Alf Ott who had audited the accounts for many years, it was agreed to send a token of our thanks to him.

Elections: The Following were all proposed, seconded and elected unopposed: Chair – James Allie, Treasurer – Ray Henderson, Press Officer – Andrew Wade, Vice- Chairs – Tony Thorpe & vacancy, Membership Secretary – Dereen Tonkin, Magazine Editor – John Harrington, Joint Secretaries – Marilynne Burbage (meetings) & Simon Crew (Minutes), Other Executive Members (Regional Key Persons) – Jim McKenzie, David Smith, Roger Berry, Sue Smith, Mike Hedgethorne , Tony Firmin. A proposal to have a Social Media Officer was referred to the Executive. Auditor – Munir Malik.

Motions, Constitutional Amendments. None received

NFPC subsciptions for 2020 – Unanimously agreed to stay the same

Following on from the AGM Dan Crowe, Vice President of the Co-operative Group National Members Council gave a presentation, members thanked Dan for his input and wished him well.

Other Business Next AGM 13th June 2020, Executive will propose other meeting dates, meetings need to discuss the role of the NFPC.