National Federation of Progressive Co-operators

The Aims of the Federation Are :-





1         to secure the successful application of the Rochdale Principles of co-operation in modern conditions.



2         to demonstrate that co-operative solutions offer an attractive and efficient alternative to private enterprise and state ownership.



3         to ensure that co-operatives are successful in meeting their business and social needs.



4         to encourage member involvement and democratic participation in all co-operatives.



5         to campaign for focused and effective education for members and employees in all co-operatives.



6         to support the provision of optimum conditions of service for all co-operative employees.



7         to further co-operation amongst co-operators.



8         To strive for unity between all sections of the labour movement in the United Kingdom and between peoples of all the nationalities throughout the world.



9         To promote equal opportunities in respect of age race religion disability and sexual orientation throughout the co-operative movement.








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Today, more and more people are realising that private enterprise is not the answer to all our problems,   on the railways, for example, is is dear to almost everyone that its introduction has led to chaos.  The Health Service, the buses, even the prisons, are just some of the other experiments revealing that the scramble for profits does not equate with the provision of good service.   But there are widespread doubts about the efficiency of state enterprise as an alternative.

Consumer co-operatives, worker co-operatives and other mutual organisations offer another, non-bureaucratic way of meeting peoples' needs.  They can provide efficient, socially-motivated services in almost every sphere of human activity.   And because they are self-supporting, co-operatives and mutuals are just as quick to respond to changing needs and preferences as private firms

Progressive co-operators have for years been in the vanguard of the struggle to involve the co-operative movement in every aspect of contemporary life - and to ensure that it remains true to its democratic principles.  With all sections of the movement united in Co-operatives UK, now is the time for a massive advance!

Join NFPC and campaign for

• the extension of co-operative activity

for example in housing, welfare and public services « member involvement

• democratic structures

• the recognition of diverse rights and needs


   Joint Secretary

                  Marilynne Burbage, 83 Pine Ridge, Carshalton SM5 4QQ